Business Type Massage Clinic and Esthetics/Spa

Payment methods        Cash / Cheque / Debit / Visa / MasterCard / Email Transfer

Parking            Free parking on Mill St. Broadway Ave, Little York St. Public Parking (back of the Mill St. Mall)

Handicap Access Available

Spoken languages English and Filipino

Cancellation policy:

All appointments are scheduled according to the clinic’s operating hours and by appointment only. If you are going to be late, we ask that you promptly call or text the clinic. If there are no availabilities to accommodate you at that time, we will gladly reschedule your appointment. If a client is more than 30 minutes late (with no prior call), we will consider the appointment cancelled/forfeited by client. There will be a standard cancellation/forfeiture fee of $90 assessed at next appointment.

Cancelation Policy is 48 hours.

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